As a licensed massage therapist, craniosacral therapist, licensed social worker, somatic experiencing practitioner, somatic touch therapist, certified health coach and ordained minister, I have over fifteen years of experience and training working with a variety of healing modalities.  Using light touch, I am able to sense into the body (into the tissue and into the different systems) and energetically "invite" the body to release constriction and negative holding patterns, which develop as a result of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual pain and suffering.  This work is especially beneficial for those individuals who prefer not to talk much.  There is no need to revisit painful experiences; the focus of treatment is to regulate the system and resource the body to heal itself.  This process alone or when combined with craniosacral therapy helps the person to feel better, heal and begin to experience trauma resolution.  My primary focus is to invite relief by calming (regulating) the system and by "creating" energetic space so that the body can do what it is designed to do, heal.  When the nervous system is less stressed (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) and more regulated, it has greater capacity to function, heal and thrive.


Self-regulation and body-centered experiencing

Our nervous system responds to every thought, word and interaction.

At birth, our bodies are hardwired to heal, thanks to our immune system.  However, our nervous system is not hardwired to self-regulate.  During the first five years of life children must internally translate what they experience into information they can use to regulate thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.  When a baby is born and during early development, the baby energetically learns self-regulation from his or her primary caregivers through relationship.  This learning has a physiological and neurological impact on brain development. 

Healing for Life

The healing journey is empowering and rich.  It is about living each moment, sensing within, and making healthful choices today.

Inner conflict is often rooted in the past, even though today's stress appears to be about other people, places and things. Body-centered experiencing provides unlimited opportunities to learn, grow, change and thrive.

This approach helps to heal old wounds, to move out of the past and into the present, and to align within. This alignment supports the body's ability to make changes, strengthen and heal.  Touch work helps to reduce many symptoms, especially physical pain and symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, learning disabilities and trauma.

Somatic Experiencing, Somatic Experiencing touch work and Craniosacral Therapy are powerful yet gentle resources for healing.  Valerie works with adults, teens and children.  Offices are located in Stamford and Newtown CT.  Please note that this treatment is considered to be "Complementary and Alternative Medicine"; it is not covered by most insurance companies. 

Please call 203-966-5509 for more information or to schedule an appointment.