"I am a therapist and have been referring patients to Valerie for the past year.  Her work supports my client's process."  Stamford, CT


"Valerie is kind and gentle.  She is humble and always tells me that I, and my body, are doing the work.  She is a gift in my life and I feel hopeful."   New Paltz, NY


"My child is a survivor of the Sandy Hook tragedy.  Valerie has been a significant contributor to my son's recovery and has helped our family in many ways."  Sandy Hook, CT


"Valerie has the gift to heal.  Our work together has been life-changing."  NYC, NY


"I refer my clients to Valerie and she is able to work with the person's emotional issues, which makes my work as a physical therapist more effective."   Stamford, CT 


"You are amazing.  I have been in therapy for over 20 years and was never able to reach the place of deep hurt and suffering.  I was amazed that I felt so much better after two sessions. I don't understand how you did it.  Thank You."  NYC, NY


"Thank you so much for working with me.  You have been blessed with the gift to heal.  I am so grateful to have received your touch.  Your presence has had a tremendous difference in my heart, body, mind, and soul.  I look forward to working with you again in the near future."  Monroe, CT


“Valerie is like heaven-in-a-box.  If only we could split her unique gift into pieces and sell them separately; we could finally stimulate this economy and make the whole world feel good.”  Lynn T., Norwalk, CT


"Valerie Candela has been an integral part of my healing life for quite some time.  I can hardly find sufficient words for what I have experienced in her care.  She has guided & supported me through deep childhood trauma recovery, permanent healing from Chronic Lyme Disease, and the unlocking of trapped negative genetic stress-energy in my body.  She has helped me to know my inner self and to live from there.  She has been a beacon of Light and Compassion in the darkest days of my life.  I have grown mentally, spiritually, and physically in her care.  I no longer live from fear; I understand my strength.  I am conscious, mindful, and know my True nature. She was referred to me by the Caron Foundation's Breakthrough Program for Somatic Experiencing and I too have now referred many friends and acquaintances to her.  My personal growth has been exponential because Valerie is a conduit for Higher Healing.   I am grateful."  Lynn T., Stamford, CT update.

“Valerie has been an immense help to me physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Her gentle sensitive approach creates a sense of safety for me so that I can allow myself to accept help and be at ease.  Her non-judgmental stance even further helps me to express myself and release the negative energy created by past trauma slowly and evenly.  The fact that she is a trained social worker only enhances her skills in all areas.  As an LCSW, I would recommend her to any of my friends or clients without hesitation.”  So. Salem, NY

"Over a 6 year period, Valerie Candela has given me the gift of knowing myself and being comfortable in that knowledge.  This self-awareness has made a remarkable positive difference in the quality of my relationships with my spouse, children, relatives, friends, and colleagues."    New Canaan, CT


"After doing years of therapy, I've come to the realization that to heal and desensitize trauma memory it is imperative to synchronize body, mind, and soul.  Only then can one heal and change deeply rooted unhealthy patterns.  With her calm and gentle demeanor, Valerie creates a container in which I can feel safe, and, thus work on healing childhood wounds.  With Valerie's help, I feel that I'm beginning to develop a better sense of self.  I feel very grateful to be working with someone who is always present and ethical."  New York, NY

"I grew up in an alcoholic family, I was in and out of therapy for most of my life, and I was taking medication for anxiety and depression.  It was only after seeing Valerie that I began to live.  I don’t know how she does it, but I always feel better after a session.  When I started, I didn’t know how bad I felt until I started to feel better.  I hated myself and I could not feel my body, but I didn’t know it.  She helped me in so many ways, like staying sober during the hard times. After years of recovery, making changes, and working with Valerie, I am finally happy!  (And I’m off all medications!)  She is part of my recovery program and I feel grateful and blessed."    New Canaan, CT

“Where shall I begin with Valerie?  As an intuitive promoter of people and their businesses, I need to foster clarity for a direct channel to my higher source of information and creativity.  Valerie teaches me how best to do this for myself through her proprietary inner body discovery techniques.”  Westport, CT

“I am a nurse and I always tell Valerie that I wish she could work with many of my patients.  I don’t know what she does, but I always feel much better afterward!”  Wilton, CT

“I’ve been seeing Valerie for five years and I look forward to every session.  She has helped me through many difficult experiences and I don’t know how I would have done it without her. ” Greenwich, CT

“Do you really want to know your soul?  If you know what I’m talking about, then you need to know Valerie Candela.  That is a big statement, yet it is an undeniable one at that.  Norwalk, CT

“Valerie does a wonderful job releasing trauma from my body.  She shows me how calming my body’s energy down and staying in the moment with stillness and meditation heals and restores my body to a better state of living.”  New Canaan, CT

“Valerie has changed my life!  When I first began seeing Valerie, I could not even lie on a massage table let alone have anyone touch my body.  She is kind, trustworthy, and understanding.”  Westport, CT

"After a session with Valerie, my body feels totally relaxed.  I am better able to breathe and my family likes me more."  Stamford, CT