My Services

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a bodywork method that focuses on gently stimulating the Craniosacral system (membranes and fluid that surround the brain and spinal cord) to heal the body by improving the functioning of the central nervous system.

CST effectively complements your body’s natural healing process, and has been known to help alleviate a wide variety of symptoms associated with:

  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Depression
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Obsessive Behavior
  • Panic Attacks
  • Trauma

Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing® was developed by Dr. Peter Levine.  Dr. Levine states, “Traumatic symptoms are not caused by the dangerous event itself. They arise when residual energy from the event is not discharged from the body. This energy remains trapped in the nervous system where it can wreak havoc on our bodies and minds.”

Somatic Experiencing utilizes the awareness of body sensation to help people "negotiate" and heal their traumas rather than relive them.  With appropriate guidance with the body's instinctive "felt sense", individuals are able to access their body's wisdom, allowing the highly aroused survival energies to be safely and gradually discharged.  When these energies are discharged, people frequently experience a dramatic reduction in or disappearance of their traumatic symptoms.

The transformation process can allow people to deepen their sense of self and others.  The healing journey can be an "awakening" to untapped resources and feelings of empowerment.

Valerie is a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner, certified by Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Institute. 

Somatic Experiencing Touch

Somatic touch is a hands-on approach.  Using very light touch, I am trained to sense and track subtle energies in the body.  This approach allows me to tap into a body system or organ, assess its energetic state or condition, and introduce options to bring relief.  For example, if the kidneys/adrenals feel energetically contracted and dehydrated (which is typical when a person has been experiencing high levels of emotional stress or physical illness) together we can work to offer relief to the kidneys (through energetic manipulation, sometimes using visualizations and/or somatic experiencing work, and by bring our awareness to the area and by attending to its needs.)  This process is restorative and is a wonderful way to improve the relationship with self.    

It is important to note that working energetically with the body is very different than traditional medicine.  When working energetically, we are feeling and sensing subtle energies.  There is no way to accurately diagnose or know for sure what is actually happening.  If an organ feels contracted or dehydrated, this is merely a description of its energetic state in that moment.  After working with the organ, sometimes only a few minutes later, the description may be different.  Interestingly, by measuring the level and speed of change, we can sometimes distinguish emotional stress versus chronic illness.    Generally, the person feels better (often described as feeling lighter, more expansive, and more hopeful. 

Holistic Health Counseling

Holistic Counseling is informative, reflective and supportive allowing an opportunity to re-evaluate habitual, sometimes unconscious behaviors that may not be supporting your life.  With awareness and support, you can make new choices.