Is this for you?

I have listed below some situations that may benefit from this approach.  Please call me to discuss your situation to see if this work may benefit you:

  • Pre & Post Surgery, medical trauma, pain management - For years I have worked with individuals before and after surgery and in all cases, they experienced positive results in recovery and pain management.  To enhance recovery, it is best to prepare your body before general anesthesia by letting your system know the treatment plan and by being aligned, confident and relaxed before the procedure.  I am available for hospital visits for preparation, pain management and relaxation/recovery.       
  • If you are trying to become pregnant, during pregnancy, after the birth of your child, and if you have young children – The airlines always warn adults that in the event of an emergency, it is necessary to first put on your oxygen mask before helping your child.  Similarly, you must first regulate your own nervous system before you can teach your child how to regulate theirs. The truth is children learn by feeling and sensing, ironically, the very skills that Somatic Experiencing is based on.  If you feel emotionally overwhelmed, the state of your nervous system will influence your child’s system during their early years of development. Your child's system will “ping” off of yours.  The safer (more contained) you feel, the more regulated your child will feel.  This will have a direct impact on your child's behavior, health and ability to learn.  Studies have shown that children who live in a highly stressful environment are more likely to experience issues, such as learning disabilities, anxiety and behavioral issues.  They are also more likely to be bullied or to bully. (If you are reading this and your children are older, please do not fall into the guilt trap.  Self-regulation can be learned and healing is possible.)
  • Anxiety, depression, obsessive behaviors, co-dependency issues, and eating disorders – The process of working with self-regulation and body centering awareness helps to slow things down and bring awareness.   We have our emotional brain and our rational brain.  Sometimes we get triggered and we act out from the emotional brain, which often leads to undesired outcomes and or destructive behavior.  (If you are experiencing severe depression and/or other acute psychiatric symptoms, this process works best when combined with traditional therapy and/or psychiatric treatment.)
  • Relationship issues, career issues, weight issues, 12-step recovery – We often live with personal beliefs that seem to protect us but also block us from experiencing happiness. An example of this would be a yearning for love and yet an inner belief that you are unlovable.  This inner conflict often results in self-sabotaging behaviors, such as isolation, divorce, or blocking, i.e., an excessive desire for food, sex, alcohol, etc.  The underlying or unconscious beliefs may stem from early childhood experiences.  Working with self-regulation and body-centered experiencing, there is an inner exploration of splits within the body, mind, heart and spirit.  This work leads to personal freedom and integration.   
  • For trauma, car accidents, violence, physical, sexual, mental, emotional and spiritual abuse, Somatic Experiencing is a gentle yet powerful way to heal the past without needing to talk about the details of your past.  (Focusing on the details of a traumatic event can be re-traumatizing for the system.)  Trauma resolution is possible!.
  • Grief, loss, aging issues, illness – If you or a loved one is suffering, Craniosacral therapy and Somatic Experiencing touch are wonderful, quiet gentle ways to help you physically and emotionally feel better.   It is not necessary to tell your story or spend time talking.  These bodywork modalities help to regulate the nervous system leaving the client feeling better, i.e., lighter and more present.  The impact of shock, pain and suffering can last for many years; this work can help.   I am an ordained minister (non-denominational) and have a Master’s in Social Work.  During my Fordham education, I chose to major in working with older adults and subsequently worked as a social worker with older adults and their families.    
  • Gastrointestinal Symptoms – The gastrointestinal system is more than just part of our digestive system for food; it seems to also digest our emotions.  It has intuitive receptors, i.e., when you know something because you feel it in your gut.  Some scientists say our gut is our second brain.  Dr. Stephen Porges, a leading international neuroscientist with particular interests in understanding the neurobiology of social behavior, refers to the gut as the social engagement center.   In energy medicine, many childhood issues show up in the gut.  Craniosacral therapy, Somatic Experiencing and Somatic Experiencing touch supports the release of old, deep core holding patterns and memories.  Gut work is not always comfortable, but it is a powerful doorway into the muck.  The system is generally quick to respond, allowing the body’s innate wisdom (inner healer) to self regulate.  I enjoy working with the digestive system because it is very effective and people generally notice improvements immediately. 
  • Lyme disease – Lyme disease brings a wide range of symptoms and many people suffer from endless symptoms, expensive treatments, and the lack of compassion, empathy, and understanding from others.    Craniosacral therapy and Somatic Experiencing touch are powerful techniques to provide relief and relaxation.  Any relief to the body offers a boost to the immune system, providing more energy for self-regulation.  Along with other systems, I will almost always work with the immune system and the fluid system.  
  • Learning disabilities, Attention Deficit- Children, teens and adults - In order for the brain to learn, read, calculate, etc., self-regulation is key.  Craniosacral therapy and somatic work are effective in regulating the system. 
  • Referrals from other healthcare professionals – I accept referrals from other healthcare providers to teach their clients/patients body awareness, meditation, grounding, self-healing and breathing techniques.   
  • Health & Wellness – Experience Craniosacral therapy and experience a deep state of rest, relaxation, and repair.  

Please feel free to call to discuss your situation.

Never, ever quit when it comes to your healing.  Big or small, any step in the right direction will bring you that much closer to where you want to be! 

Blessings to you.